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Provincial Advisory Committees

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Background Province Advisory Committees - this committee is similar to the IAC, in the sense that this group provides advice to Federal managers (the PIEC or Provincial Interagency Executive Committee) at a provincial level. PACs are chartered under the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. USDA Departmental Regulation #1043-37 (October 17, 2005), entitled "Advisory Committees to the PIECs" provided the basic guidelines, instructions, membership, etc. for the PACs. 
Provinces Western Washington Cascades
Eastern Washington Cascades
Olympic Peninsula
Southwest Washington
Oregon Coast
Southwest Oregon
California Coast
Northwest Sacramento
Membership PAC membership includes representatives of Federal, State, local and Tribal governments, and a variety of other interests.  Most meetings also include an REO Representative who may provide updates on particular discussions or regional topics.  
What we do


USDA Dept.
Reg. #1043-037
PAC Charter
(October 17, 2005)


Provincial Advisory Committees (PAC) make recommendations to the Provincial Interagency Executive Committee regarding coordination and implementation of ecosystems strategies pursuant to the Northwest Forest Plan.  PACs provide advice on provincial level analysis and monitoring, provide a forum for information exchange, and encourage complementary ecosystem management among Federal and non-Federal land managers. 

The PACs participate, where appropriate, in collaborative planning at the province level across Federal and non-Federal boundaries. In appropriate cases, PIECs may find it desirable to use mechanisms other than, or in addition to, PACs in order to obtain advice from non-Federal entities. 

PACs may establish working groups or subcommittees as needed.  Working groups may include individuals who are not members of a PAC and may be community-based groups that would provide advice and recommendations to a PAC on land management issues related to Adaptive Management Areas or other land-use classifications described in Attachment A of the Record of Decision. 

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If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, you may want to contact the REO Representative above for the next meeting date or contact the Designated Federal Official.