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The Northewest Forest Plan established Province Interagency Executive Committees (PIEC) for 12 provinces. The PIECs facilitate the successful implementation of the Record of Decision for Amendments to the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Planning Documents within the Range of the Northern Spotted Owl. Provincial Advisory Committees (PACs) were established to provide advice to the PIECs.  This relationship is similar to that of the Regional Interagency Executive Committee (RIEC) and the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC).  PACs are authorized under USDA Departmental Regulation Charter  #1043-037, dated October 17, 2005.
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Western Wash. Cascades
Eastern Wash. Cascades
Olympic Peninsula
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Oregon Coast
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Northwest Sacramento

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PIECs include Federal agency representatives, which includes a Designated Federal Official (typically a Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management manager).

PACs include both the Federal agencies, State, and other local citizens that provide a forum for information exchange, provide advice on provincial level analysis and monitoring, and encourage complementary ecosystem management among Federal and non-Federal land managers. 

For More Information For more information about PIECs, PACs, or Designated Federal Official for a Province please contact:

Shandra L. Terry
Office of Public and Legislative Affairs
Regional Public Involvement Coordinator
USDA Forest Service
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