Northwest Forest Plan The mission of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) is to adopt coordinated management direction for the lands administered by the USDA Forest Service and the USDI Bureau of Land Management and to adopt complimentary approaches by other Federal agencies within the range of the northern spotted owl. The management of these public lands must meet dual needs: the need for forest habitat and the need for forest products. 

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Regional Interagency Executive Committee The Regional Interagency Executive Committee (RIEC)  serves as the senior regional entity to assure prompt, coordinated, and successful implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan Standards and Guides.  The RIEC has decision making responsibilities and may delegate authority to carry out specific responsibilities. The decision making responsibility of the RIEC, described in the Standards and Guides, is generally limited to interpretation of Standards and Guides. Individual land management and consultation agencies retain the decision making authority that is vested in them by statue.
Intergovernmental Advisory Committee The purpose of the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC)  is to advise the RIEC on intergovernmental coordination regarding the implementation of the Record of Decision.  The IAC provides advice and recommendations to facilitate integration of forest management activities among Federal and non-Federal governmental entities to ensure that such activities are complementary. 
Regional Ecosystem Office


The Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) provides staff work and support to facilitate Regional Interagency Executive Committee (RIEC) and Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) decision making and prompt interagency issue resolution in support of implementation of the Standards and Guides contained in the Record of Decision.  Although the Standards and Guidelines refer to the REO for reviews and other actions, it is understood that the REO recommends to the RIEC, who has the responsibility for decision making. The RIEC has delegated authority to carry out specific responsibilities to the REO. 
Interorganizational Resource Information Coordinating Council The Interorganizational Resource Information Coordinating Council (IRICC) was established as a subcommittee to the IAC. Their charge was to develop a seamless, current, and accessible information network to support ecosystem management in the Pacific Northwest. 
Research and Monitoring Committee


The Research and Monitoring Committee (RMC), established by the Record of Decision is comprised of three scientists (which are referred to as the Research and Monitoring Group or RMG) and a standing committee of agency and governmental liaisons. The RMC's mission is to facilitate implementation of the NWFP in three major areas: scientific oversight, monitoring and research. In each of these areas, the RMC develops plans and guidelines to coordinate interagency planning, research, and monitoring activities for NWFP implementation. 
Province-Level Organizations


Provincial Interagency Executive Committees (PIEC) support implementation of the Plan within the 12 provincial areas. Each PIEC may undertake specific activities within its province such as coordinating landscape analysis to assess the health and condition of watersheds and socio-economic conditions in the local community; share information to support better decisions regarding the health of the ecosystem, identify mutual goals, objectives, and priorities to support restoration and conservation strategies, coordinate and conduct monitoring, encourage complementary ecosystem management among all landowners, and coordinate ecosystem management activities. 
Provincial Advisory Committees Provincial Advisory Committees (PACs) are chartered under the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act.  Membership in these committees represent Federal, State, County, and Tribal governments, as well as, a variety of other interests.  These committees make recommendations to Federal agencies through the PIEC.