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In 1994, a Federally-chartered advisory committee was formed to assist the RIEC with Northwest Forest Plan implementation issues.  The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) has been officially chartered every two years.  Its membership consists of individuals nominated by tribes, counties and the States of Washington, Oregon, and California. The IAC has served a very valuable role in advising the RIEC over the years.  Like the RIEC, the IAC evolved into more of an information sharing and relationship building forum.  While these functions are very important, they do not require the time and expense of a Federally-chartered advisory committee. In light of these factors, the RIEC decided not to re-charter the IAC when the current charter expires in April. 

 Meeting Minutes

The last meeting was held March 20, 2007. Minutes have been posted. 

Note:  Shandra Terry (USDA, FS) sent an update on May 7, 2007 indicating that the Southwest PAC has decided not to recharter their PAC at this time, but may reconsider in 2009.

Key Documents

IAC Charter - Expires in April, 2007.

IAC Meeting Archive

IAC Opportunities Letter Online Archive

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