Northwest Forest Plan

Interagency Regional
Monitoring Program

15 Year Report for the Northwest Forest Plan

Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring

This website provides links to the 15-year report summarizing the effectiveness of the Federal-Tribal relationship between 1994 and 2008 on federal lands affected by the Northwest Forest Plan. The primary objectives of the tribal monitoring program are to address the following questions:


Gary Harris (tech ed). 2011. Northwest Forest Plan - The First 15 Years [1994-2008]: Effectiveness of the Federal-Tribal Relationship. Tech. Paper R6-RPM-TP-01-2011. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region

This monitoring report documents the effects of implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan (the Plan) on the relationship between Federally-Recognized American Indian Tribes and federal land management agencies within the range of the northern spotted owl. The planning period covered in this report is 2004-2008. The monitoring protocol for this planning period was developed by the Tribal Monitoring Advisory Group (TMAG) after publication of "Northwest Forest Plan - The First 10 years (1994-2003) Effectiveness of the Federal-Tribal Relationship" (R6-RPM-TP-02-2006) in 2006. The protocol was implemented and reports were prepared under federal contracts; one for Oregon and Washington (Resource Innovations, University of Oregon) and another for Northern California (the Intertribal Timber Council and the California Indian Forestry and Fire Management Council). These reports are presented in their entirety as received from the contractors. The Oregon/Washington report is offered first and includes the executive summary.