Northwest Forest Plan

Interagency Regional
Monitoring Program

20 Year Reports for the Northwest Forest Plan

In 1994, the Northwest Forest Plan Record of Decision amended Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land and resource management plans within the range of the northern spotted owl. Since that time, a regional interagency effectiveness monitoring framework has been implemented to assess Federal-Tribal relationships, and to track the status and trend of watershed condition, late-successional and old-growth forests, socioeconomic conditions, and population and habitat for marbled murrelets and northern spotted owls.

Monitoring results have been evaluated and reported in one- and five-year intervals. The first comprehensive analysis of 10 years of NWFP monitoring data was published in a series of monitoring reports in 2005 and 2006. Since then, monitoring has continued, and a new set of reports analyzes 20 years of monitoring data (1994-2013), with a focus on the last five years.

This collection of reports on the 20-year anniversary of the Northwest Forest Plan (the Plan) provides an analysis of monitoring data since the 1994 Record of Decision with a focus on the last five years. These reports attempt to answer questions about the effectiveness of the Plan from new monitoring and research results.

News Release - 20 Year Reports

NWFP 20-year monitoring draft reports released today

Presentations from the June 9, 2015 20-Year Monitoring Report Public Forum

PDFs of the powerpoint presentations and the webinar recordings from the Public Forum are available. Click here.

Northwest Forest Plan 20 Year Reports and Two-Page Summaries

LSOG 20yr Summary
LSOG 20yr Report

AREMP Summary
AREMP 20yr Report

NSO Habitat Summary
NSO Habitat 20yr Report

NSO Population Summary
NSO Population Meta-analysis

MAMU Summary
MAMU 20yr Report

Socioeconomic Summary
Socioeconomic 20yr Report

NWFP Tribal Summary
NWFP - Strengthing the Federal-Tribal Relationship