Interagency Restoration Database

What's New

We no longer use the ArcView-based application!
In fact, we no longer use IRDA at all -- aquatic restoration project data
has moved into corporate data warehouses at the US Forest Service
and Bureau of Land Management.


The Interagency Restoration Database (IRDA) was developed to meet Interagency information tracking needs in restoring aquatic systems.

The goals of IRDA were:

  • To provide for consistent and universal reporting and accountability among federal agencies across the land base.
  • To provide a common approach to meeting federal agency commitment made in monitoring and reporting restoration efforts in the Oregon Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and similar efforts in Washington and California states.
  • Data was collected from USFS and BLM units by district starting in 1999 and continuing through 2007 for the Forest Service. After entering data into a small database application, each unit/district would send their data to the Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) where it was checked and assembled into a seamless dataset for Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

    Restoration Data

    Check out the IRDA data using one of the following methods.

    GIS Data

    Map Series

    A series of maps was produced showing restoration activities in the Pacific Northwest using 1998-2001 IRDA data. These maps were developed in coordination with the US Forest Service in order to identify Aquatic Restoration projects for each 3rd Level Basin in the Pacific Northwest. The intent of this exercise was:

    These are the best available copies!

    External Integration

    Aquatic restoration treatment and cost data from IRDA has been included in various reports and publications, primarily in partnership with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Washington Department of Natural Resources. Information derived from IRDA is included in the OSU Oregon Explorer sites.

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